Our System.

OASIS flight scheduling software features customizable schedule views, intuitive drag-and-drop functionality and thorough reporting capabilities backed by a company with 30 years of experience and unmatched customer service. 

Everything you need for advanced flight scheduling is at your fingertips with OASIS. Schedule with confidence.

Customizable Flight Views

All three views are linked, so a change on the flight listing will show on the other views also.

The routing flow can be sized to fit your preferences.  You can show thinner boxes and more aircraft or show multiple days on the screen at a time.

You can drag the boxes on the flow and change the depart/arrive times as you move the mouse.

There are force rules available to keep the routings flowing the way you want after you change or add flights and reflow.

Station View

The station view allows you to see the schedule at a selected station for a selected day.

The views are all linked, so any change to a flights data is reflected in each view

You can easily navigate between stations or dates, by menu items of my clicking on the screen.

The view can be chronological by line, or linked with the following flight from the routing.

Data Input

It’s easy to add, change or update flights.  Just click on the leg to highlight it, or click to the left to create a new leg.

As you change the legs, the flow in the upper screen will change to reflect the new information.

There is a global change dialog to change any leg information.  You can change it throughout the schedule, or set filters.

You can add other fields, such as codeshare flight numbers or tail numbers, to the display.

Drag & Drop Schedule Builder

Build schedules for a day, a month or the next year with our easy to use drag and drop flow generator.  Flight boxes track visually across the timeline view at the top of your screen, making it easy to see how your flights interact.  The routing is fully dated and accounts for changes in local time as the flights change dates.

Flights are color coded, showing errors if the stations don’t match or if the times are below minimums.

There are many different options for what you you want to see on the screen, such depart/arrinve times, frequncies, and block and turn times.

Reporting Capabilities

Using OASIS, you can export over 30 detailed reports such as:

  • Schedule listings
  • Station Reports
  • Statistics on block hours, departures, available seats and more
  • Timetables
  • Comparisons
  • Fueling
  • Traffic projects
  • Many more

Imports & Exports

Flight details for any schedule for any airline can quickly be imported, and the required stations, turn times and block times will all be created automatically.  You can import basic flight details via an Excel schedule too. Other imports include data to report ontime performance or to build codesharing flights.  All the basic slot functions are also available for import.

All flight details for your schedule, including the routings, can be exported in the standard SSIM format, as well as the standard Excel format.

New or change/replace SCRs are created in separate files for sending to the appropriate coordinator.

Two schedules can be compared and the appropriate ASMs or SSMs created.

Gate Tracking

Just as important as the number of planes to fly your schedule is the results on the ground at each station.

You can select the view by station and by date range.  OASIS will should you the number of planes on the ground so you can change the schedule to accommodate the gate or ground situation you have at the station.

This is the reverse of the routing flow, where the boxes or pucks represent ground time periods.  The display is similar to the routing flow and can be adjusted with the mouse to change the size of the boxes, the amount of time shown, and the detail shown.